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1. Can be used for 400V-660V system. 2. Kinds of reactance rate: 5%, 7%, 14% 3. Rated insulation level 3kV/min. 4. The temperature rise limit of each part of the reactor: The core does not exceed 85K,

Detailed introduction

Series reactors, which pass through the alternating current, function in series with the power factor compensation capacitors and constitute series resonances for steady-state harmonics (3, 5, 7, 11 and 13 times). For the 5-7th harmonic, the reactance rate is usually 7%, and for the 3rd harmonic, the reactance rate is usually 13-14%.

First, the structural characteristics

1. The reactor is divided into three phases and single phase, both core dry type.

2. Iron core adopts high-quality and low-loss imported cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet. The core column is divided into uniform segments by multiple air gaps. The air gap is made of epoxy laminated glass cloth to ensure that the reactance air gap does not occur during operation. Variety.

3. The coil is made of H-class or C-class enamelled rectangular copper wire. It is tightly and evenly arranged, and it does not cover the insulation layer. It has excellent aesthetics and good heat dissipation performance.

4. After the coils and cores of the reactor are assembled into one body, they are pre-baked, vacuum impregnated, and hot-baked to solidify this process flow. Class H impregnating lacquer is used to ensure that the coils and cores of the reactor are firmly combined together. The noise during operation is greatly reduced, and the extremely high heat resistance level ensures that the reactor can operate safely and without noise at high temperatures. 5. Non-magnetic material is used in the fasteners of the reactor core column to ensure that the reactor has a higher quality factor and lower temperature rise, ensuring that

Better filtering effect.

6. The exposed parts have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the terminals are cold-pressed copper tube terminals.

7. Compared with similar domestic products, this reactor has the advantages of small size, light weight, and beautiful appearance, which can be comparable with foreign famous brands.

Second, the use of environmental conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.

2. Operating environment temperature -25 °C ~ +45 °C, relative humidity does not exceed 90%.

3. No harmful gas around, no flammable and explosive materials.

4. The surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions. If it is installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.

Third, the performance parameters

1. Can be used for 400V-660V system.

2. Kinds of reactance rate: 5%, 7%, 14%

3. Rated insulation level 3kV/min.

4. The temperature rise limit of each part of the reactor: The core does not exceed 85K, and the temperature rise of the coil does not exceed 90K.

5. Reactor noise is not more than 45dB

6. The reactor can run for a long time at the frequency plus harmonic current less than 1.35 times the rated current.

7. Reactance linearity: The ratio of reactance at 1.8 times rated current to reactance at rated current is not less than 0.95.

8. The difference between any two-phase reactance of a three-phase reactor is not more than ±3%.

9. Temperature class H (180 °C) or more.

Fourth, series reactor parameters and dimensions
Low voltage capacitors  Matching capacitor capacity  Reactor capacity  Inductance(mH)  Dimensions  Installation size (mm)
Series reactor model  L×W×H(mm)
CKSG-0.35/0.48-7% 5 kvar 0.35 kvar 3×10.29 180*135*155 140*85,4-φ8
CKSG-0.7/0.48-7% 10 kvar 0.6 kvar 3×5.15 205*145*160 155*95,4-φ8
CKSG-1.05/0.4-7% 15 kvar 0.9 kvar 3×3.43 250*155*170 200*105,4-φ8
CKSG-1.4/0.48-7% 20 kvar 1.4 kvar 3×2.57 250*160*180 200*105,4-φ8
CKSG-1.75/0.48-7% 25 kvar 1.5 kvar 3×2.06 260*180*180 210*115,4-φ8
CKSG-2.1/0.48-7% 30 kvar 1.8 kvar 3×1.72 250*180*215 135*105,4-φ8
CKSG-2.8/0.48-7% 40 kvar 2.4 kvar 3×1.28 260*205*195 210*135,4-φ8
CKSG-3.15/0.48-7% 45 kvar 2.7 kvar 3×1.14 260*210*205 210*135,4-φ8
CKSG-3.5/0.48-7% 50 kvar 3.0 kvar 3×1.03 265*200*260 225*145,4-φ10
CKSG-4.2/0.48-7% 60 kvar 3.6 kvar 3×0.86 265*200*260 225*145,4-φ10
CKSG-4.9/0.48-7% 70 kvar 4.32 kvar 3×0.74 280*210*275 230*155,4-φ10
CKSG-5.6/0.48-7% 80 kvar 4.8 kvar 3×0.64 280*210*295 230*155,4-φ10
CKSG-6.3/0.48-7% 90 kvar 5.4 kvar 3×0.57 280*225*295 230*165,4-φ10
CKSG-7.0/0.48-7% 100 kvar 6.0 kvar 3×0.52 280*225*310 230*165,4-φ10
CKSG-8.4/0.48-7% 120 kvar 7.2 kvar 3×0.43 290*250*305 240*185,4-φ12


The above only includes the technical parameters of some products. The size and weight are for reference only; they can be customized according to the requirements of users.

Note: Reactors with other voltage levels, different capacities, and different reactance rates can be manufactured according to customer requirements.
400V system, three phase, XL/XC=13%, matching capacitor voltage: 525V
400V system, three phase, XL/XC=7%, matching capacitor voltage: 480V



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